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OUR VISION:    Using our values to create lasting relationships with clients and colleagues which are mutually beneficial, based on trust, and more important than the deal itself.  
Values:     Fairness, honesty, promptness, professionalism, communication, follow-through, excellence.
Relationships:     Clients, customers, potential customers, brokers, business community, charitable groups, the public.
Mutually beneficial:     We do not put ourselves first, but we do not put ourselves last. Our relationship is a “two-way street” which has meaning to us and to our client/customer.
Based on trust:     We will earn the client perception that we are the service provider they want handling their commercial real estate needs.
More important than the deal itself:     We acknowledge that we are in an industry where commissions are earned. Sometimes that fact impacts the behavior of others; it will not impact our behavior. We will be motivated by our values, our relationships, and our VISION.
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